Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wool Dryer Balls

None of us like the thought of having to turn on the clothes dryer - they are such a huge drain on the household electricity usage.  However, after about the third day of rain, when you are running low on clean knickers and the laundry basket is starting to overflow there sometimes is no other option.  When you have to...using felted wool balls in the clothes dryer can save you some money.

Dryer balls are simply felted balls that bounce around in your dryer.  You just throw 3 to 6 balls in with the load and here is what they do.......

  • absorb moisture from the clothes, cutting the drying time by 25 to 50%
  • help reduce static cling
  • soften the clothes
  • can lightly scent clothing by adding essential oils (optional)
A full tutorial on how to make a felted wool dryer ball can be found at

Once you have a set of six balls made all you need to do is sprinkle a bit of essential oil, lavender is my favourite, on the balls and throw them in with your load of wet clothes.


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  1. I made two several years ago and keep them in the dryer, which is hardly ever used.