Monday, 9 June 2014

Olive Oil Soap

Today is the 8 week mark since trying out a new recipe for some Olive Oil soap.  It now means my soap should be dry enough for us to use. smells divine.

My first attempt at Olive Oil soap was a bit disappointing  -  it was very soft and went extremely "gluggy" in the soap dish.  I then discovered "SOAPCALC" , an on-line soap calculator.  After I ran through a few different ingredients it came up with the following recipe for me.

  • 532 mls water
  • 198 gms lye (caustic soda)
  • 1000 gms olive oil
  • 400 gms coconut oil
  • (and I added 5 mls lavender essential oil) optional
I mixed both oils and water/lye together at 50 degrees and although it took a while to come to trace, when it did, it poured into the moulds nicely.

After drying for the last couple of months the soap now seems extremely hard, is a lovely shade of vanilla in colour and has held the lavender scent quite well.

As they say "the proof is in the pudding" I'm off to the shower now to test it out. 

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