Sunday, 29 June 2014

Crochet Edge Blanket

This is a very quick, easy, inexpensive gift idea for someone special.  I bought a polar fleece throw (1.4 metres x 1.6 metres) for $7.00 in the Mother's Day sales.  It was a "dream" find as the blanket stitch around the edge had already been completed and it had rounded corners.   Blanket stitching and corner shaping is usually the most time consuming part of a project such as this.  With all that having been done I was ready to go .....

The yarn I used was some leftover 8 ply from a previous project and a number 4.00 crochet hook.


Row 1  -  1 sc in the top of each blanket stitch (except for the 10 stitches as you go around the corner - place 2 sc in the top of each of these 10 stitches) in all four corners.

Row 2  -  Ch5 skip next stch, sc in next stch, ch5 skip next stch, sc in next stch.........continue around and join with a ss to complete row.

Row 3  -  ss in first 2 chains of first chain loop.  From this 3rd chain (the middle) continue as follows.  Ch5, sc in 3rd chain of next loop, Ch5, sc in 3rd chain of next loop.......continue around and join with a ss to complete row.

**Repeat row 3 until border is desired width

A really quick and easy pattern but once I had finished it looked a bit plain so I decided to dress it up a bit with a few embellishments. 

The flower pattern can be found here and the pattern for the leaf here (make sure to scroll right to the bottom of the page for the leaf tutorial).  Both are really simple and when I finished I just slip stitched them in to place with some quilting thread.  A few buttons of course sewn on for the flower centres.

All in all I am quite pleased with the result and I have another gift ready for when it is needed.

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  1. wow! that really made a plain jane very beautiful! the flowers really give the border a lift!
    thanx for the instructions too