Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Whopper Crop!!

A lot of people ask me why I garden............................

In late April I planted 4 cherry tomato seedlings in the vege patch - they had come up self sown in the compost.  I added a little aged chook poo (compliments of the girls), a large stake to help keep them straight, watered them every second day, but basically I just stood back and watched them grow. 

After 4 months the bushes are looking a little tired and straggly but they have certainly provided an abundance of fruit.

 Because of their thicker skins, they are not bothered by fruit fly here in Queensland.  Occasionally, I get a bit of leaf rust if the weather is humid, but all in all the good old cherry tomato is relatively simple to grow.

Bright red, sweet and juicy, "cherries"  make a great snack as you wander through the garden.    My family have certainly been eating their fair share of these little treasures on sandwiches, in salads and sliced up on a cheese and biscuit platter.

Over the last 4 weeks I have harvested nearly 3 kilograms of fruit from the bushes every week.  It is literally laiden with them every couple of days.

With that many ripening each week I have been busy preserving them for later in the year.  Here is what I have achieved -

Just on 3 kilos of tomatoes quartered and frozen ready for soups, stews and casseroles.

4 litres of sugar-free tomato sauce for the freezer
(the link to that recipe is here )


3 large litre jars that I dried in the gas oven.   I just love semi-dried tomato with fresh feta on a pizza.

(The oven drying method
 can be found here)

So..........this is why I garden.  
And guess what?? 

I still have a bowl full on the bench, waiting, as a welcome home gift for "Hutchy" when she returns from caravanning in the wild blue yonder later this week.


  1. Ha ha, my mouth's watering already! I'm missing my garden Blinky. Just hope it's surviving without me. Loving the tomatoes. Good job!

    1. We have had rain so it shouldn't be too bad. See you soon.

  2. We have them growing here too, Blinky and they have survived the frosts of winter for the first time. I don't even bother planting the larger ones as these are so hardy. Hmmm, that Hutchy...she has the good life eh? ;-)

    1. Tough little buggers surviving the frosts, Chel.
      Hutchy and I swap lots of produce and seedlings - its a great help.

  3. Wow - how good is that! I love the pic with the basket full of ripe tom's.

  4. And another basket load today too, Phil.