Thursday, 6 August 2015

A Lucky Spin

On a recent poke around in my local opportunity shop I found a sight most of us can only dream of........... an 'Ashford' spinning wheel standing, unloved, next to a pile of old blankets.    On closer inspection, my heart started to race, when I discovered that it was in such good condition that a new belt was the only requirement to have it turning like new again.

Now, did I smile nicely at the saleslady?  Yes I did - and after 5 minutes of negotiating and $40 later - you guessed it - ALL MINE!!!!!!

An internet search revealed Ashford Australia had what they termed a 'Spinning Wheel Maintenace Kit' for $23 available for purchase online.  This included some new flyer hooks, tension springs, oil, rod joints, a brake band and a drive band.  This extra  outlay would have my new spinning wheel in top notch condition in no time.

So now only one thing is missing - something to spin.   Friends on a nearby hobby farm have several alpaca that guard the rest of their livestock.  I am going to be the lucky recipient of their fleece when they are shorn in the coming Spring.  Not long to wait now.

Upon settling my new found purchase in the family room, the simple living, country girl inside me started to feel a little bit nostalgic.  Now, I know my mate Phil over at House of Simple loves to dwell in treasures of the past so I thought I would show a few of the 'old wares' that adorn some of the corners of my home. 

The Crown stove that sits at the end of my kitchen.  Not in use, just for lookin'.   Inside the big heavy beast, is a great place, that stays a somewhat constant temperature and is good for storing my garden seeds. 

A butter churn.   Churns butter to perfection and adds to the upper arm muscles considerably - I tend to use the blender though......much quicker

A rug beater - lovely to just hang on the wall now.   Thank god I am lucky enough to have a vacuum cleaner.

And....the Singer treadle sewing machine.   Another great find (at a garage sale) from years ago.  It is in working order and I always turn it regularly to stop any of the moving parts seizing up.  The belt, (because it is rubber, and we have lots of humidity here in Queensland)  I remove,  and keep wrapped up in the cupboard.  

An old boiling copper - these days it's a  perfect planter pot for the ponytail palm.  (try saying that ten times without stopping)

I hope you have enjoyed the little trip down memory lane.


  1. Yes I sure do love to dwell in treasures of the past! This post was well worth waiting for. $40...that is truly insane given the workmanship involved in making the wheel and the countless $$ saved in its use.

  2. Thanks for waiting Phil. I will certainly share some of my spinning adventures when I finally get my hands on some fleece.

  3. Do you think they'd let us help hold down those alpacas while they get shorn Blinky?? I'd just love to get up close and personal with a sooo cute alpaca! (There's that barnheart attacking again...)

  4. Oh yeah!!!! I'll certainly be asking for us to have a front row seat on that day.

  5. Blinky, you don't use that stove??? If you ever move near here you will certainly need it :-) I tried spinning a few years ago...back in the seventies from memory. It is a lot of fun.

  6. Good to know you have tried spinning Chel. I have never done it hey - youtube has helped me in the past. Or maybe there is a Silvers Spinning Class - LOL

  7. phil isn't the only one who loves vintage wares, welcome back been a little while since we have heard from you here.
    love that old stove cooker & why aren't you using it? they do a wonderful job of baking & roasting! & not to mention keep the house warm!
    what a great find in that spinning wheel, may you have many hours of enjoyable spinning with it!
    thanx for sharing

  8. Oh that stove Blinky - beautiful. Will you ever use it?