Friday, 9 January 2015

Back on Track - Goals for 2015

The Christmas / New Year break is always such a relaxed time for us.  Life slows down for a couple of weeks and we all just enjoy each other company and do whatever takes our fancy.

It is a time that I can "take stock" of what I have accomplished over the last 12 months and "ponder" what might lay ahead for the coming year.  My special spot on the verandah helps my thought process. 

My favourite place - "Harvey" under the chair, likes it too

I don't like New Year Resolutions but I do like to set some goals or skills that I would like to achieve.  This years list looks a bit like this........

Branch out in my bread making skills.  Last year I got into sourdough (which I am still trying to perfect) and this year I would like to include some flatbreads to my culinary skills and maybe try my hand at making Turkish Pide.

Increase my knitting skills.  I have never used a charted pattern before and as I would like to knit some more for my wardrobe, I thought learning to follow a chart would give me more scope in the variety of patterns that I could choose.  I found a beautiful design called "Nantasket",a lacy vest pattern from Amy Herzog.  I have downloaded the pattern, ordered my yarn and hopefully I will be starting soon.

No more hairdresser.  Continue with the battle to let the natural grey take over my hair.  The money being saved from this goal is huge and its not a quick task but........I know I can be strong..........I KNOW I CAN DO IT !!!

Renovate the ensuite.  Last year it was the laundry, this year it is the ensuites turn to be "made over".  This project, to save money we will be tackling ourselves........starting with a total demolition of what is there now.   Woo hoo!!! sounds like fun doesn't it.

The finished laundry makeover

Lower my carbon footprint and do more exercise.  I plan to do more walking and bike riding and much less use of the car.  Remember - the centre of "town" is only 5 kilometres away..........JUST DO IT !!

My "Wheels"


  1. welcome back!
    yes, i stopped making new year resolutions too, many years ago!
    i gave up dying my hair too & perming it, & since i stopped using 'poos' & only wash with natural soap it's thicker & even the grey has slowed down! i think they call it salt & pepper look? not sure there, always thought that saying was reserved for red heads , i'm or was a brunette :))
    i have followed a chart in knitting, be sure to have a notepad & pencil to right down your rows & a ruler to put across the chart to mark the row you're on. good luck. it's nice when you tackle a new pattern, i felt a real sense of achievement once i got learning the circular knitting & making items using that technique too.
    love your bike, a real classic there! happy cycling
    your favourite place looks very inviting & relaxing
    have a great weekend

    1. Thanks Selina - circular knitting is next on my "would love to learn" list

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  3. Yes welcome back from me too, Sandi. I have been wondering where you where. I might pass you on the highway on that bike of yours the next time I drive to Caloundra :-) All the best with the growing grey issue. Before I stopped colouring mine when I finished work I put lighter colours in it and then when the grey really started showing I got it cut short. It does take some getting used to and sometimes when I look in the mirror I wonder what the person with the white/grey hair is. LOL!