Monday, 1 December 2014

Growing in December

The first day of Summer calls for a wander in the garden don't you think.........  

Wandering amongst the plants always makes me remember reading a lovely nostalgic saying from Audrey Hepburn -

"To plant a garden

is to believe in tomorrow"

I have lived here now for just over 6 years and no truer words could be spoken when I look around at the abundant gardens we have established.

Each year during Winter I cut back the "Vibernums" at my back door to let in more light.   Here they are shooting again so they can provide shade to my kitchen window from the western sun as Summer arrives.  Another couple of weeks and they will be as tall as the guttering.

Some of the new pineapples forming.    I planted 12 pineapple tops a couple of years ago and now have a crop that continues producing for me without any cost ....... Pick a pineapple - plant the top back in the soil for the next year.  

Down in the orchard, the Tamarillo (tree tomatoes) are just ripening.  Tamarillos add such a sweet, fruity zing to a fresh salad and can make the most divine drink for a hot day.

Tamarillo Coolers
  • 4 tamarillos
  • 2 teaspoons stevia powder
  • sparkling mineral water or soda water
Halve tamarillos and scoop out as much flesh as possible. Puree in a blender or food processor or pass through a sieve. Mix with sugar to taste. Fill three or 4 glasses with ice, pour over some puree and top up with chilled soda or mineral water.

And this year is dawning to be the best ever year for our grapes.  Only 1 grape vine but it stretches for nearly 15 metres along the support fence at the rear of the orchard.  It is literally covered with fruit.  I am on the hunt now for the best way to preserve most of it.  I have never made grape juice/wine but I am sure my friends over at the Down to Earth forum will steer me in the right direction.


  1. Sandi, I might try that Tamarillo Cooler. I have made Tamarillo and Mustard Relish earlier in the year but it is all finished now as it was quite yummy. We have the trees coming up everywhere as the birds spread the seeds :-) We also have grape vines growing right along the fences as hubby was into making wine a few years back. If there are any left when I get back from the north I might try making some Grape Jelly. I know that one of the forum members made some with our grapes a couple of years ago as I took some to our Simple Living Group.

    1. Ooooohhhh - Grape Jelly sounds nice. Lets both try that when you get back.

    2. That depends on whether the birds leave any but there are so many grapevines I am sure they can't eat all the grapes.