Sunday, 30 November 2014

Peach Harvest

Today I ventured to the orchard to check the progress of all the trees after our bizzare Spring weather.   We have had a little more than 2 inches of rain over the last two evenings but this has at least moved the temperature to a more bearable 28 degrees.  Earlier this month the temperature was soaring into the high 30's and up to 42 degrees for several days.  

My peach tree (a tropical peach) is fruiting at present and is covered with netting.  This is to stop fruit fly and also keeps the birds away from the ripening fruit.

Not having checked the tree for several weeks, after removing the covering, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of fruit clinging to the branches.  Several had fallen to the ground and were gladly being eaten by some ants but all in all the fruit looked very healthy and well on its way to ripening. 

I harvested a full basket load.   

There is nothing better on a hot day than a juicy, cold peach straight out of the fridge - biting into the flesh and having the juice run down your chin...........bliss.

I am sure this first basketfull will be eaten quite quickly by the family, but with nearly another 100 fruits ready soon I will have to pull out the recipe books I think.  Stewed in a pie?? Made into jam ??


  1. Well, well, look what you have been hiding away from the rest of the world. :-) Your blog is looking great, Sandi. What a lot of work you have done on it and I think you have changed the name too if I am not mistaken. Well done!

  2. Oh..... that basket of peaches is just splendid! I have vivid memories of chasing the birds out of the orchard as a kid, running up and down waving my straw hat like a mad thing.

  3. a wonderful blog! thoroughly enjoyed reading all of it, love the name! you have a nice way of writing too
    yes, hiding is right, such beauty should be shared :))