Monday, 4 August 2014

August in the Garden

August is the month of starting to be able to "reap what you sow".   Always in the garden I am able to pick some herbs, a lettuce, tomatoes or some spring onions - these are always in my garden year round.  August, on the other hand, is when all the cold loving vegies start to mature.

Cauliflower and broccoli are being harvested and all the cabbages are hearting well.  I usually just pick cabbage as the need arises - it lasts longer in the garden than in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator.  I am so happy with the brassicas this year I have just planted another dozen of each to see how they go.  Knowing my luck, Spring will jump in really quick this year and the whole lot will be a waste of time. 

Tonight we are having grilled chicken breast and steamed vegetables with a satay sauce for dinner.  The broccoli, yellow cauliflower and rainbow chard I have just picked will go beautifully with some carrots and potato.

The Kale plants, at present, are just enormous - I keep cutting them back and feeding it to the chooks.  Kale is a very acquired taste and as yet I have not been able to get my family to eat it just as a steamed vegetable or added to a salad.  Juicing it doesn't turn me on either, so after a quick search on Pinterest I found a recipe for "KALE CHIPS".    On further inspection I then found you can flavour them to your hearts content.  Salt and vinegar, Soy and Sesame and French Onion just to name a few ..........They sound quick, yummy, and easy to do so I'm off to have a go.

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