Friday, 25 July 2014

Laundry Liquid

Today I made another batch of laundry liquid and thought it prudent for me to take some photos of the process and do a tutorial for you to follow.

I have been using this homemade laundry liquid for over 2 years now and find it very easy to do, extremely economical, and it has a remarkable cleaning ability - even on Roger's work clothes.  The following recipe makes 20 litres of washing liquid and I use 1 cup (250ml) in my top loading washing machine or reduce it to 1/2 cup (125ml) in a front loader.

 300gms pure soap flakes
300gms washing soda
100gms "Vanish" oxypowder
20 litres water

20 litre bucket with lid/cover
 stir stick (long enough for your bucket)
measuring cup
saucepan and wooden spoon (can be just one out of the kitchen)

My large 20 litre bucket I purchased from "Bunnings".  It came with a lid but was very hard to put on and off so Roger made me a wooden MDF cover with a handle which works well.  (it doesn't need to be airtight you just need to keep the dust out)


Place the soap flakes in the saucepan with about 1 litre of cold water.  Gently heat on the stove, stirring constantly, until the flakes have dissolved completely.

Make sure you stir continuously otherwise the soap will stick but don't stir too vigorously or you will end up with a pot full of bubbles.  Remove from the heat when all the soap flakes
have dissolved.

Pour the dissolved soap flakes into the 20 litre bucket and half fill it with hot water.  Stir in the washing soda and oxywash powder.  Now gently fill the bucket with more hot water.  Give it a stir and you are finished until tomorrow morning.  The brew just needs to be left overnight to cool and thicken.

Leave the lid off overnight.

In the morning your cold liquid will be a lot thicker.  Give it a good stir and decant some into smaller containers to store in the laundry.  (I keep my 20 litre bucket in the garage)

The washing liquid does tend to separate in the container when left for any period of time.  Don't worry....just give it a good shake before you use it.

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