Sunday, 8 February 2015

My New Neighbours

For the best part of the last two years we have had a grumpy, loud, obnoxious man owning the property next door to ours.  I try to be really friendly with everyone but he was one of those people that, no matter how hard you try, he was always going to be rough, and ready for a confrontation. 

Recently though, the property has sold and I thought I would take you on a walk next door to show you my new neighbours.

My new neighbours are 16 minature horses.   All day they graze peacefully on the grass and will gladly spend time chatting at the fence when I come to visit.

And their best buddies live there too !!


On the walk back home I found someone visiting unexpectedly in my yard, so I asked him nicely to move along.


Hope you enjoyed your walk next door with me.....


  1. hahaha yes, i would ask him to move along too! nice size though!
    aren't miniature horses just so gorgeous! so, what of their pets? did you meet them too? hope they are nice, horsey people usually are :))
    thanx for taking us to meet your new neighbours! enjoyed the walk :))

    1. No house next door, Selina - just 20 acres of pasture. So the only neighbours I have met have 4 legs as you can see.

  2. Maybe they are better neighbours than the last human one, Sandi :-) I don't like the look of that snake though.

  3. So cute Sandi - need to do that walk with you next visit! Wish I had them over the back instead of my lot!

  4. What a relief! Decent neighbours are worth more than any gold or silver. Things look promising.